About US

About Us

Clipping Path Task (CPT) is an online based Graphic Design serving organization. It is CPT which has started it’s services with a great purpose in a new dimension in the age of globalization. From the sense of an eminent dutifulness, we thinks it important to ensure the responsibility of life by establishing a good relationship, providing the better services and integrity among the people. CPT has a firm belief in its creativity, 100% quality and right exchange. In that sense with some extraordinary experienced graphics designer, we wants to serve those people who themselves are interested to have 100% quality. CPT evaluates it’s own philosophical thoughts and beliefs and hope that we would be able to contribute a lot in the way of the development of the universe by it’s patron power. CPT is a dictatorial name when it comes to the quality. And our first aid is to meet the client’s expectation providing lovely quality services in a lower cost. So, our production facility has been set up in Bangladesh as a lower cost region.

Who we are

Clipping path Task is an online based image retouching firm

Our Mission

To Make easy to handle Client's every project

Our Vision

To bring a balance between client's satisfaction and our happiness

Our Credits

Quality Work, Right Commitment, Reasonable Cost, Time Maintenance.
Years of Experience
Happy Customers
Global Customars

Our Featured Services

Clipping Path Task has the tremendous ability to provide one’s desired quality retouching services. CPT makes everything easy to handle your every project and our team sincerely cares about your success.

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